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English Grammar Made Simple

Impress colleagues, family, and friends with your speaking
and writing abilities with this quick reference book.

(ARLINGTON, MA) When we communicate with each other, we sometimes take for granted how important using correct grammar can be. If you do not pay attention, you could encounter an embarrassing situation by not knowing how to phrase something correctly or professionally. When under pressure, many tend to shrug it off or guess. What if there were a simple way for us to clear up the more difficult aspects of grammar? You could easily find out what the medical condition "varicocele" is, how to spell "minuscule," and finally understand the difference between "affect" and "effect."

English expert, Santo J. Aurelio, Ed.D., makes speaking and writing easier for everyone with his book, How To Say It And Write It Correctly NOW (Synergy Books, January 2005, ISBN: 0-9747644-3-4, $21.95). Dr. Aurelio offers a wealth of knowledge on many grammar mysteries for all ages, including punctuation and a layperson's legal dictionary. He intends to correct many grammar mishaps and to encourage his readers to be confident when they are speaking and writing English.

As a guest, Santo J. Aurelio can discuss:

  • Foundation of the English language and origins of common sayings
  • The importance of knowing legal, medical, and art terms
  • Researching, teaching, and writing about the English language

With the flip of a page, you can find out about the origin of wedding rings, learn the basic facts about 32 major art movements, and obtain knowledge about many popular abbreviations and acronyms that are widely used in everyday speech and writing. How To Say It And Write It Correctly NOW provides more useful information and weighs less than a dictionary. This book will help you to speak and write with confidence.

Santo Aurelio, Ed.D., earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Harvard University, and a doctorate in education from Boston University. Dr. Aurelio is a Visiting Professor at colleges in the Boston area, where he teaches a variety of subjects, but mainly English grammar and medicolegal terminology. Most of his time is spent teaching, engaging in research, and writing. Dr. Aurelio lives with his wife in Arlington, MA. They have four sons.

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